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Aspen Environmental Consulting is as diverse as the markets in which we work. And though each project is unique, by following the fundamentals we built our company on, paying attention to the details, and bringing together the best combination of staff to effectively address our clients’ specific needs we have been able to take on increasingly challenging work across a variety of sectors.

Trees From Above


We provide a vast array of professional consulting and services that span the entire lifecycle of oil and gas projects – from planning, monitoring, construction, drilling, production, operation, site closure, decommissioning, reclamation, remediation, risk management and monitoring. We possess the skills, experience, and technical capabilities to be a valued partner on the most challenging projects. We focus on developing strong relationships with all our clients and the communities where we operate through effective communication, understanding the challenges and being responsive and personable. We are recognized as experts in regulatory compliance and technical guidance with the capacity and geographical capabilities to service our clients’ needs.
Our oil and gas team is supported by a diverse and multi-disciplinary team of professionals’ adept at coordinating and managing the environmental, regulatory and scientific aspects for all project phases. We offer tailored, but practical, services for each project connecting our clients with the right team of experts no matter what service we are providing.
We can assist our clients through planning, permitting, operation, decommissioning, reclamation, and project closure phases. Our experience includes environmental assessments for planning and permitting, reclamation planning and completion, waste management, erosion control erosion and vegetation monitoring. We are familiar with all mining operations including metal, coal, potash, oil sands as well as industrial mineral projects. help you.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Philosophy

Aspen’s core focus is to “build a great company with exceptional people to preserve and restore our natural environment.” An integral component of being a “great company” is being a responsible corporate citizen.

Corporate social responsibility is fundamental to our business and central to our brand. It means we live our core values. It inspires a code of conduct and the ethical standards that shape the way we engage the environments and communities in which we live and work. Social responsibility is practiced and promoted throughout our company and it governs how we do business.

Sustainable Energy

Indigenous Communities

We value the cultures, traditions and rights of Indigenous Peoples, and we recognize that we all have a role in the journey to reconciliation.



Aspen fosters a workplace culture that is inclusive and respectful of all people. It is not enough for people to feel like they simply have a job at Aspen. We endeavour to create a workplace in which everyone knows that they belong and that their contributions to our business are valuable and valued.


We strive to engage with Indigenous communities in a meaningful way. We aim to facilitate communication and collaboration between Indigenous peoples and our customers, and we take the time to develop relationships with substance and purpose.


We explore opportunities for employment, training, education, community development, community engagement, procurement and business development. We strive to operate in a manner which is mutually beneficial for Indigenous peoples, our customers and our business.


Your Strategic Partner

Our Services

Aspen has the knowledge and experience to meet and exceed your expectations. Our wide-ranging capabilities allow us to resolve a variety of environmental challenges and provide our clients with a single source solution. Take a look at all of our service offerings to see how we can help with your environmental needs.


Environmental Services & Assessments
Our Environmental Services and Assessments Professionals help our clients across the many markets in which we work to achieve compliance and protect our natural environment.

The Path to Success

Interested in becoming a satisfied client? Get in touch with Aspen today and see how our services can benefit you or your business.


Aspen’s management team ensures that projects are completed as outlined, on-time and on-budget. When issues have occurred, irrelevant of the cause, they ensure a positive learning experience is realized for both parties.
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